HomeStars Review Our Work


1. What does your company use to dig the holes?


We use a Toro Dingo TX 427 motorized walk behind auger. It weighs about 2075lb and has a rubber tracks making it very turf friendly. We also have clam shell diggers, shovels and other tools needed for hand digging if needed.



2. How much clearance do I need for the machine to access the job site?


Our machine requires 42” clearance to get to the site.



3. Will the machine cause damaga to my lawn or property?


The Toro we use has rubber tracks and weighs 2075lb and as such will not cause damage to you lawn. However if the ground is wet from the rain it may leave some marks on the ground. As well, the machine can go over concrete as long as it is not freshly poured.



4. What do I need to provide?


We will come and dig the holes and bring the cement to set the posts. You must provide the posts themselves (for fence posts) or the sonotubes and brackets (for deck footings). As well, we ask that you provide us with locates for you property; and if you need us to mark the location of the posts or holes we will need the land survey or a string marking the property line.



5. What are locates and do I need them?


Locates are reports that indicate where all underground services are located on your property. It is the responsibility of the homeowner or contractor to request these locates from Ontario One. If you need us to get these locates on your behalf we would be happy to do this for you.



6. How do I get locates?


Locates are easily acquired by calling Ontario One, a private company that works with many organizations that have their services underground. This is a free service and usually takes up to 5 business days to complete. Locates can be requested on the phone if you wish to speak with a representative at 1-800-400-2255 or an online request form is available on their website

Please note: private gas lines, pool lines, or septic tanks must be located separately as Ontario One does not locate private services.



7. I am replacing and existing deck / fence, do I still need locates?


Yes, you would still need to get locates even if you are replacing a deck or fence because we cannot be sure that whoever dug the holes previously may have hand dug the holes if they were next to underground services or may have been very lucky and not hit anything and we do not want to assume this risk.



8. What type of cement do you use?


We use regular Portland cement concrete / stone mix. All concrete is either hand mixed on site or delivered by a concrete mix truck ensuring the proper mix and solid embedment of the posts.



9. How long do I have to wait after the post or footing installation before I can start my project?


We recommend waiting at least 48 hours before starting any work on your deck or fence. For best results especially if it has been raining and damp it is recommended you wait up to 36 hours before putting any significant weight on deck footings.



10. Where is your company based and what areas do you service?


We are based in based in Richmond Hill and start and end our day at Yonge and Langstaff. Our regular service area is the whole Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – ie. within an approximate 50 km radius of Toronto. However, if a project is of sufficient size and we can offer competitive pricing we will certainly be able to accommodate this. We will be more than happy to try and accommodate you so please feel free to contact us to discuss. 



1. How deep do you dig?


The standard rule of thumb for fence posts is to bury 1/3 of the post (ie. 3.5ft for a 10ft post and 4ft for a 12ft post). However a minimum of 3.5ft is required for any job to ensure we dig below the frost line.



12. If I'm building a fence who will provide the property boundaries?


The homeowner is supposed to receive a land survey with the purchase of their house. This survey can be used to map out the property line.



13. Does your company build deck and fence or just dig the posts holes?


Our contractors are fully licensed and equipped to do both post hole digging as well as build the actual fence and/or deck.



14. Approximately how much can I expect to pay? 


We price our jobs on a per hole basis. The prices will depend on the size of hole you require as well as on how many holes. You can visit our pricing pages for general pricing. We are more than happy to give you a free estimate for your job; you can contact us by phone at 905-731-6163 or fill out our online estimate form.



15. What methods of payment do you accept?


We are happy to accept cash, personal cheque, debit or credit card for payment and we require complete payment due upon completion of our work.




16. Are you fully insured?


Yes. We are a fully insured company for all aspects of our work (including liability insurance) and comply with WSIB regulations for our employees.


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