fence posts
Fence Posts

If you are building a fence, save yourself the back-breaking labour with our post hole digging services. We can dig and set all kinds of fence posts (ie. pressure treated, wrought iron, chain link or vinyl). We will dig 42″ deep then place the post into the hole, pour the concrete and set the posts. We will ensure the posts are aligned and plumb so that they are all ready for you to build your fence. For the dig and set services we will provide the concrete, but the client must provide the posts themselves. Prices start at $45 per post

fence repair
Fence Repair

If you need to replace the fence posts but want to reuse your existing fence panels, we offer fence repair service where we take down the panels, remove the old fence posts from the ground and install new posts in the same location and the attach the panels back to the posts. For this service we provide the concrete but client will need to supply the posts. Prices start at $600 per panel.

Build fences
Fence Building

If you are interested in replacing your existing fence or building a new fence we can do the whole job for you. We will install the posts and build the fence to your specification. For this service we provide all labour and material. Prices start at $80 per linear foot (*limited service area available). We can build any wood fence including pressure treated pine, cedar, cypress, spruce, and redwood.

Deck (and other) Footings

If you are building a deck, pergola, shed or even a home extension we can install  your footings. From 8”to 36” diameter and 4’ to 6’ deep our crew can handle it all. And if you’d like us to we can set and fill the sonotubes with cement and set the post brackets in the cement. We will provide the concrete but client must provide the sonotubes and brackets. Prices start at $75 per footing.

Design and Layout

If you need assistance with the layout of your posts or footings we can give you our professional opinion and help you with figuring out the placement and size that fits your needs. Prices start at $50 per project.

dig only
Dig Only

We can also just dig the holes for you. We can dig holes anywhere between 6″ to 36″ depending on client’s needs. Prices start at $30 per hole

Miscellaneous Services

Our crew can dig and install bollards, flagpoles, pillars, basketball nets, signs and much more. Call us to see if we can help with your project

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Helical Piles

Helical piles are a reliable green alternative to concrete piers. They are much faster to install and since there is no excavation, there is no dirt to worry about, no sonotubes to fit, and no need to wait for cement to dry. They can be installed into any soil conditions, and all year round. Helical piles are strong and dependable and definitely a superior and are environmentally friendly choice for your project.

Call us today and ask us about helical piles. ​

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